First & Second Night of Racing

  • Every driver must pull a number for starting position ( All Divisions )
  • Cars will run two heats with the combined finish determining starting position in feature.
  • Top points cars overall out of the heats will pull number between 1 and 10 to determine front ten spots for the feature. ( Invitational format )
  • The number pulled at the start of the night will break any ties.( Highest number goes first )
  • The late model will run two features per night, the first and second night of racing they must pull a number for the first feature, and the winner of the first feature will pull a number between 1 and 6 to determine front six spots for the feature.
  • All cars need to be checked in one hour prior to race time to pull numbers for starting position in heats or features (Late Model). If the car arrives late, it will start scratch for the heat races but will still have a handicap for the feature. In the Late Model they will be scratch for the first feature but will get his starting position for the second feature.

Third Night of Racing Pure Stock & Thunders Only

  • Handicap will be determined from the driver’s first and second night of racing. If the driver did not start the first night of racing, his handicap will be determined when the driver gets two consecutive nights completed within the first four weeks of racing. After that the driver must race three consecutive nights before the driver earns a handicap.
  • If a driver happens to miss one night of racing during the race season, he will not be penalized in his handicap. If a driver misses two nights of racing in a row the driver will be penalized as if they have no handicap and will need to qualify his handicap as if they are a new driver.
  • If driving duties are split, each driver will have their own handicap, and will be subject to the same rules as a single driver to maintain his or her handicap.


Rookie Status Requirements

Definition: A first year participant in any sport

            In order to maintain rookie status in any division, a driver may only have previously competed in 4 (four) races in that division/series.

Barrie Late Model Division

  • Each night of racing will have two 30 lap feature races; there will be no heat races for this division.
  • The first and second night of racing will be the only night the drivers will need to pull a number to start the first feature race of the evening.
  • Starting on the third night of racing, the feature line up will be based on your handicap from your last 3 features.
  • New drivers racing after the second week must start at the back of the field for two features.
  • If a driver misses three features or more, the driver must start at the back of the field for the next three features.
  • If a driver blow up or wrecks in the warm up or the first feature, they may use a substitute race car for the remainder of the night, but must start scratch all night.
  • In order to keep and use handicaps a driver must have run the two consecutive weeks prior to the missed night.

Pure Stock and Thunder Handicap rules

  • Heat races for Pure Stock will be 10 laps.
  • Heat races for Thunders will be 12 laps.
  • For all heat races the driver will be able to receive 5 (five ) points for first, 4( four )points for second, 3 ( three ) points for third, 2 ( two) points for fourth, and 1 ( one ) point for fifth.




Points per feature All Divisions


1st – 50

2nd – 47

3rd – 46

4th - 45

5th – 44

6th – 43

7th – 42

8th – 41

9th – 40

10th - 39

11th - 38

12th – 37

13th – 36

14th – 35

15th – 34

16th – 33

17th - 32

18th – 31

19th – 30

20th – 29

21st – 28

22nd - 27

23rd – 26

24th - 25







  • All drivers after 24th places and DNS drivers will receive 15 points.
  • The Pure Stock feature will be 25 laps.
  • The Thunder feature will be 30 laps.
  • If there are two heats, the second heat will be inverted starting position  
  • There are no consi’s unless there are more than 26 cars at the beginning of the night.
  • The highest finishing nine cars out of each set of heats will start the feature by their handicap (18 cars). Any cars that did not finish in the top nine in their heats will start behind the qualified 18 cars by their heat finishing positions that night to fill out the feature of 26 cars or less.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of the year. All tie breakers are based on feature results only. Ex. 1st, 2nds, 3rds etc. Until the tie is broken.

Late Model Rules

  • There will be no heat races for Late Model division.
  • The points system will be based on 50 points per feature.
  • All drivers after 24th places and DNS drivers will receive 15 points.
  • All feature races will 30 laps.





Miscellaneous Handicap & Scoring Procedures

  • If there is a restart on lap one in a heat or feature race, all cars deemed to be involved go to the back of the restart line up.
  • Cars that jump the green flag on a restart, will be penalized two spots per position ( discretion left up the  starter or the track director )
  • When there is a caution in the heats or feature, all cars should go into single file in order to help the officials to get the field in order quicker, all lap cars must immediately drop to the back of the field.
  • If the head scorer deems that the number on the car is too hard to read due to the paint scheme or colour combinations, they will inform you and you will have two weeks to resolve the problem.
  • All cars must have the number of the car on the top left corner of the windshield; the number must be 5” inches in height.
  • Registered drivers may use a register substitute driver for a maximum of two events throughout the season. The substitute driver must drive the entire evening. The driver will start scratch for the night, and all points accumulated by the substitute driver will be credited to the regular driver.
  • In the event that a registered car breaks during the event and the car is deemed disabled, another qualified car may run your number and points are given to the disabled cars number. The replacement car must start scratch. In other words the disabled vehicle must be present and must have tried to start in order for another to run a different number.
  • Any driver getting a black flag in a race will lose all points for that heat or feature, and may be penalized by loss of all points that night plus a fine.
  • Any driver being DQ will lose all points for that night and will be starting scratch for the next two nights of racing. In the case of Limited Late Models the word “night” is interchangeable with The word “feature”. Ex. Any driver being DQ will lose all points for that feature and will be starting scratch for the next two features of racing.